Pollinator Pathways

pp_fullcolor_webPollinator Pathways is our program to bring attention to the perils facing pollinators and the solutions available. We focus on Pollinator C.A.R.E. (Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education). Our volunteer work includes: Public outreach, habitat enhancement demonstrations, native bee research, and consulting.

johnWalking the Talk: John documents native and invasive plants and their pollinators as he walks through the working landscape celebrating biodiversity. Follow his 2016 Biodiversity Tour.  He also gives talks to schools and local organizations and works with state agencies, non-profits and land managers on pollinator issues. John is a member of the Vermont State Pollinator Protection Committee.

The Bee’s Needs: A 14-acre Pollinator Sanctuary on our organic fruit farm and nursery (The Farm Between) established to educate the public about who the pollinators are, why they are in trouble, and what we all can do to help. A winding pollinator pathway through our fruit crops and pollinator friendly plantings include season-long floral resources and nesting habitat. The farm is a great field laboratory for our pollinator research projects. For an example watch this 5 minute video:

girlYouth Educational Programs: Field trips, school workshops and school pollinator gardens are also all part of our work. We often donate plants, labor and technical advice to schools that would like to incorporate pollinator care in their curricula.

If you want to change the world, teach your children to love the insects –Dalai Lama.