About Us

John and Nancy Hayden on the prettiest spot on the Rail Trail in Cambridge, VT

Through our own 25 years of work and experimentation here at The Farm Between we have been exploring the power of compost, soil health, integrating livestock with horticultural crops, multi-species management-intensive grazing, crop diversity, interplantings, perennial polycultures, and hedgerows/windbreaks for beneficial insects and pollinators. Through our 501 (c)3 non-profit, ‘Seeds of Self Reliance’ we have been providing seeds, plants, equipment, and technical information to community groups and schools who want to enhance biodiversity in their agricultural endeavors. Over the years we have given many educational workshops and talks on topics ranging from ‘raising rabbits on pasture’ to ‘planting for pollinators’ and have helped install over 20 community and school gardens here in Vermont and abroad.

While we began with community gardening projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we are now focusing to promote biodiversity across our landscape.  Biodiversity encompasses the species richness and abundance of all living things in an agricultural ecosystem. A richness of plants, animals and micro- organisms on a farm or in a garden can help provide stability and ecological services such as pollination, pest management through predation, and long term soil fertility, while allowing a reduction or elimination outside inputs such as chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Pollinator CARE (Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education) is the main goal of our Pollinator Pathways project.